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What is Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Definition & Examples - Knowledge World

What is Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Definition & Examples - Knowledge World

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is marketing using digital platforms. All information related to digital marketing. What is digital marketing? If you want to know that, first you need to know what is marketing?

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Let's start without exaggerating.

What is marketing?

Marketing is promoting a product or promoting the product to the people.

Simply put, marketing is about encouraging people to buy a product.

In that case, the good qualities of the product are caught in the air in front of the people, And that is how people will benefit from buying the product.

Marketing can be done in many ways and there are two biggest differences between marketing. 1. Traditional or classic marketing. Digital marketing.

There is no difference between classic marketing and digital marketing. Since the article is not meant to make a difference in marketing. So we'll leave that out;

What is digital marketing? And why the need for digital marketing? I will know the types and future of digital marketing.

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What is the difference between freelancing and outsourcing?

What is the digital marketing

As I said before, marketing is about presenting a product to people. That is to explain why you will buy the product and what will be the benefit if you buy it.

The thing is, you tell people about your product; Where will you find those people?

This is where the digital platform comes in; Since people regularly visit digital platforms such as social media, search engines etc. So you can do marketing using these platforms.

Use these platforms when you are marketing a product; Then it will go inside digital marketing.

Digital marketing refers to marketing a product using the internet or digital media such as various social media, Facebook, YouTube, search engines etc.

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What is website promotion?

Why digital marketing is important

Internet use has increased everywhere; Home from our place of work. Internet is involved everywhere from work to entertainment.

About 5.1 billion people worldwide use mobile phones. More and more of them are internet users.

The triumphant state of social media at present. 99% of Internet users use various Internet platforms, including social media.

If you do internet marketing, that is, digital marketing, you can easily target these 2.5 billion people.

The audience cannot be targeted in traditional marketing. Because a TV or billboard is not a class of people; Almost everyone sees. So sales are not as high as your marketing costs.

But you can do digital marketing by targeting people of a certain age and profession. This will reduce your marketing costs and increase your sales.

Now you understand how important digital marketing is to you as a businessman.

Because your opponent isn't sitting still, he is trying to get his/her business to the buyers by digital marketing. Big companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestlé are also making their presence felt in the digital world.

Digital marketing for freelancers

From the above discussion, you can understand the importance of digital marketing for business expansion.

Since it is possible to reach the buyer in less time and at less cost through digital marketing. So the marketing of all businesses is being digitized.

So those who will do digital marketing in the market, their demand is increasing. You look for a little fibre and Upwork; Understand how much the demand for digital marketers is in the current market.

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So now is the time to learn digital marketing.

Wait a minute - don't rush !!

Digital marketing is a very broad profession. So it is best to be an expert in any type of marketing.

No client will do all the work of digital marketing with you. One person can't master so many skills.

Then keep reading the article ::: At the end you will understand 6. To become a digital marketer, you need to learn Kiki.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no small topic. All types of marketing that you do use the internet are covered by digital marketing.

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So let's take a look at the functions of digital marketing:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Web Analytics

These are all part of digital marketing. For the convenience of your understanding, each one is discussed lightly.

Content marketing

There are so many types of digital marketing; The most effective method is content marketing.

Content marketing is the marketing that is done by creating content on all aspects of the product you want to sell.

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Rahim wants to sell the Vivo Y1 mobile. He wrote an article about all the advantages and disadvantages of this mobile. It was read by different people and many people liked and bought the mobile.

This is how Rahim created content and sold the mobile through that content. This is content marketing.

You have to write articles to do content marketing; There is no such rule. If you want, you can make a review video of the mobile or you can design a banner and run a promotion.

Currently, more content is being marketed through video. If you want to write an article, you need to know how to write content.

So we understand what is digital marketing? It is important to understand what content marketing is inside digital marketing.

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What is digital marketing English?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may be wondering, when is the digital marketing of search engine optimization again?

I'm going to discuss a little more on the topic to clear your confusion.

Notice the image below, when we search by typing something. Some results are shown above all in which Ad is written.

What is the digital marketing

Advertisements are usually occupied & lead by [Ad].

Search engine marketing is the try by different companies or occupation owners to market their product or service by Google Adword to Google search engine or other online search engines by advertising(Ads) in this Process.

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Now think, why is he spending money coming first?

Because he could not come first in the search results in an organic way. So tempting to shot up with the money.

Some businesses hire an SEO expert without advertising for money; To come first in organic ways. In other words, search engine marketing is being replaced by search engine optimization.

That's why search engine optimization is moving into digital marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

One type of affiliate marketing is Promote Based marketing. You sell a company's products; The company will pay a certain amount for each sale.

Affiliate marketing can be done in a variety of ways; You can earn commission income by affiliate marketing through your blog, YouTube channel or email.

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Social media marketing

When we run Facebook a lot of the time, some posts have the word Sponsored. You have to pay Facebook to bring these posts in front of you.

Social media means that the marketing that is done on social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. is all social media marketing.

There is no match for social media marketing to reach the target customer faster and faster.

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E-mail marketing

If you often check your email or Gmail, you will see some promotional emails like this.

Different companies collect your e-mail and send you emails about their services. These are the e-mail marketing.

E-mail since most people use it constantly for their work; So it is much easier to reach people through e-mail. The probability of selling your product increases by 50%.

CPA Marketing

There is no comparison between CPA marketing and affiliate marketing.

The only difference is that in affiliate marketing you get paid if you can sell a product.

And CPA is click per action - meaning visitors earn money through a form or any one action.

For example, a survey is given to you a link 6. All those who take part in this survey will be paid some money through this link.

So friends, what is digital marketing? Learn some about the compare types of digital marketing. Now I know,

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Ways to learn digital marketing

If you want to learn digital marketing, you must first have an idea of ​​marketing. It sounds ridiculous, but it's the ultimate truth.

You can't do well in digital marketing without knowledge of marketing. Learn digital platforms to bring marketing content to people.

If you don't know about marketing, you can't understand who to target. You need to have a little marketing knowledge to know who your audience is.

The main step in learning digital marketing is to select the sector in which you will work in digital marketing.

You might be thinking of working with all sectors; The chances of success are very low. Everything you cannot learn alone. And it doesn't look good.

So if you want to learn social media marketing, learn to wear social media. For example: how to do marketing using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TickTock. Knowing which type of content you use is more effective for marketing.

For example, good pictures are more useful for marketing on Instagram. In the case of Facebook, the caption with the photo is very important, etc. You need to know basis all about these details.

My advice would be, learn everything and master any small topic from above. If you want you can take more small topics.

For example, you can learn Facebook marketing without learning social media marketing.

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Ways to become an Android app developer

The future of digital marketing

The Internet is sniffing inside everything 🙂 meaning the use of the Internet is increasing at a geometric rate. Since people are doing everything digitally from shopping.

So it will be much easier to reach people digitally. If you want to reach people digitally, you need to know digital marketing. Straight account !!!!!!!

Already digital marketing trend has started. People are searching for the product by searching on Google before buying anything. If he likes, he is ordering from there. [I gave a living example of content marketing]

According to grand view research, the size of the digital marketing industry in 2020 was USD 49.43 billion; Which will be USD 182.21 billion in 2026.

As the digital marketing industry grows, so will the demand for this sector.

If you want to take up digital marketing as a career, now is the time. Learn to expect to be able to earn according to your skills.

Where to do a digital marketing course

You have to have money to learn, you have to be admitted to the course !!! Get rid of these worries.

Since you want to work as a marketer; You need to increase your search skills on the Internet.

If you can search the internet better; You do not need to be admitted to any institute for learning. There is a lot of research to learn on Google and YouTube.

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Let me be a little more open: -

The topic you want to learn; Extract the course module from the internet. Various institutes put these on their websites, download.

Assuming you learn social media marketing.

First, you are taught Kiki in a social media marketing course; Find out a course syllabus or module. If you want, you can download PDFs of some international books written on social media. These are available for free.

Search each topic serial on Google and YouTube and keep learning. This way you can learn on your own. And much better than any course in India.

You have to have a lot of motivation to learn this way.

Ways to start freelancing.

If you think you can't learn like this !! Then you can be admitted to the course. Freelancing is not for you if you can't learn on your own.

What is digital marketing?

Marketing using a Digital Platform is called Digital Marketing. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing all fall under digital marketing.

What is a digital marketing and why

Marketing using digital platforms is called digital marketing. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing all fall under digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Because digital marketing can easily and cheaply reach the target audience or customer.

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What is the best way to learn professional digital marketing for free?

In this section "Where to do digital marketing course" I have told you how to learn digital marketing for free. Scroll down and read.

What is digital marketing? Now you must have understood the matter. Learn why digital marketing. You must know where to do a digital marketing course.

-> Then give a share

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I hope you understand What is Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Definition & Examples. If you have any queries about this please comment us or mail us. 

-- Thank You

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